Why oh why didn’t I take the BLUE pill?

I love movies.

I’m not saying I’m a movie expert, because I’m not related to any of the Siskels, Eberts, or Maltins.  Plus I have no memory section in my brain for recalling who the director was, or what year a movie was filmed.  Numbers.  I’m really not good with them, if you haven’t read any of my other blogs.

But I do love movies; I love how they impact me, I love how they make me feel, I love discussing them with others.  I love that many people think movies and TV are a waste of time and rot your brain – and yet somehow, my sister and I manage to have deep, thoughtful discussioins after goofy things like Survivor or a movie like Invaders From Mars. 

Along those lines, in this section you will find movie lists and  favorite quotes.  Posts on the movies will be in the main section of the blog, since I can’t figure out how to put them in this area without rearranging the world.  These interesting ideas or motivating thoughts have resulted from a night on the couch, and while many may still believe we are wasting time on the “stupid box”, I like to think we are raising consciousness, a few lazy people at a time.  My sister and I call this “SMC”, or Spontaneous Movie Club.  We love it.  Maybe you will too.


Movie #1:

One of the movies on my FAVORITES list is THX1138.

I found this movie on accident one day, years ago, I think when I was flipping through the cable channels.  I watched the whole thing by myself, and it was sort of a revelation.  Until I saw THX1138, I didn’t really know movies could be like this.  Oh I’d seen good movies; movies that made me cry, like the Titanic; movies that made me laugh, like Princess Bride.  I’d seen horror movies and kids’ movies and murder movies aplenty.  But this movie didn’t fit into any mental box I had already constructed for entertainment shows.

This movie had me engrossed and fasicinated, and it made me THINK.  It challenged my daily life and made me squirmy.  Some curious part of my brain opened up a little that day, and started hungering for more movies that would expand my thinking, my visual horizon, my ability to fly with my own imagination.

It’s a powerful movie, by a legendary director, and one I watch again and again…

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