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the dredded cat

My cat isn’t fat.  Ok, I mean, if you looked at her you would be like, “Wow.  Your cat is pretty fat”.  (and heavy)  But apparently it’s not her fault.

We comb her out, to reduce what we can, but she is a factory!  The hair under her caramel colored coat is fine and wispy, and there are POUNDS of it.  When I comb her, it’s like we are living in a snow globe of feline fluffiness!  This is after just a minute of combing!!

Next to a quarter for comparison purposes.

Disgusting as this picture is, she has beautiful hair.  I’m thinking a wig maker might make me rich if I brought this in!  If only I could get her to grow it longer…then I could fiddle with it and have a cat with awesome hair, like this!…