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Dear Diary: meh!

so i guess i want to share something that i’ve been going through.  and maybe there are people out there who won’t understand what i’m saying, or haven’t been through what i’m going through.   but i just feel like i really need to talk about this…

see, i still have my heater on.  now you people in Florida and Hawaii and probably Tahiti, you don’t understand this situation, but i’ll try to explain it at its base.  IT’S STILL FRAKIN’ COLD IN MICHIGAN!!! what the hoop?  it’s SPRING!!! it’s APRIL!!!  there are supposed to be rain showers making a nice batch of flowers ready for show, and i have to put on my gloves when i drive home from work!!!!

picture of crappy michigan season unsprung by author

picture of crappy michigan season unsprung by author

bleh.  i wonder if Michigan has a higher percentage of alcoholics than the rest of the US?  cause whiskey does wonders for warming you up, but guess what?   SO WOULD THE SUN!

the frigid she

driving in to work today was sort of like being delirious.  i’m not the biggest fan of winter, cold weather, or freezing my toes and/or nipples off.  i’m a Southern California kind of girl, and still think of winter as something rainy and foggy, with an added inconvenience of sweatshirts and actually having to wear socks for a change.

last night was the first snow of the year, and it DUMPED on us.  (pictures coming later this evening)  we must have gotten six inches or so, and despite the reality of this snow coming with COLD, it was quite beautiful this morning.

the trees lining the road were all dripping with white, little leaves or berries poking their heads out of the mush.  familiar, mundane streets sparkled in the sun covered in a dusting of diamonds.  and the Michigan sky – usually a flat blanket of grey overcast – was a bright cheery blue, making me forget that winter is evil, and almost convincing me that this season has some value and merit.

of course, we’ll see how i feel in february…

but for now, it’s beautiful.

Ahhhhh! Michigan…

Three weeks ago I was enjoying the gorgeous weather.  Two days after that I had to get my space heater out.  Four days later I had all the windows open and the fans on.  Five days ago all my friends had their heaters turned on, and I was bundled in a fleece blanket.  Today I went for a walk outside in a tank top.

Michigan may be full of gun-toting militiaists, camo-wearing hunters and chronically low employment rates, but at least the weather is interesting.

accidental happiness…stardate 9.3.2010

gorgeous walk this morning!  i am such a FALL person.  (ok, true i used to have better balance and awareness of my surroundings, and now i trip and stumble all the time.  but i’m actually talking about AUTUMN)

the sky was beautiful, it wasn’t twenty-seven-thousand degrees like it has been all summer, and it was windy.windy.windy.   yummm, fall is coming!  interesting that the severe humidity we had this summer made lichen grow on many of the trees.  now most of the trees on my walk are covered in fur, like they decided that fuzzy green bathrobes were the look this season.  even my favorite little guy Poncho is sporting the look a little.  this was the third hottest summer in my city, and the humidity made my walks impossible more often than i wished.  but today made up for it.  leaves scattered on the ground, confetti after a park party the squirrels must have thrown.  they are always getting into mischief.  and i saw a bird gliding in the air, sort of thumbing his nose at the world, that he had the day off from work and could just meander around in the clouds, casually cruising the sky.  of course, birds don’t really have thumbs.  i’m not sure if it was a crow or a hawk, it was so high up in the air i thought it must be a hawk, being as huge as it was.  but i couldn’t see great from where i was.  either way, a welcome start to what i hope will be a good day.