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what the…? (9.20.11)

Yesterday during my morning walk (which occurred at around 2:30pm) I spied a car with an interesting symbol.

As I got closer to the vehicle I decided this driver must be a Storm Chaser!   How exciting!  How adventuresome!

The reason – however – that the car caught my attention in the first place was the speed at which it was moving.  Ok, I fully recognize that the driver was making a right hand turn into the demented dentist’s office, so you have to slow down for that.  But seriously, for a block and a half – and THEN the turn – the car was moving along at a clipping pace of 3 MPH.  I am so bad at math, I can’t even calculate what that astronomical speed would be in Kilometers.  Oy.

So my question for today is:  with these maneuvering skills, exactly what storm would this driver be able to chase?  The type that occurs here?:  

barefoot kid with dog

my mom says i used to do this all the time

(by this i mean walk around barefoot with a laundry basket on my head)

i guess i talked to myself under the basket, because i liked the way my voice bounced off the walls.  probably felt like i was in a theatre, addressing my many minions, sending them off to do my evil bidding.  or maybe i just didn’t have anyone else to talk to.  or maybe i pretended i was in a canyon; i do love echoes.

so here i am, followed by either a family dog, a stray, or a fluffy footstool.