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slightly dyslexci

my age – as of today – in dyslexic years

Day 01

Every day is a clean slate; every morning a new beginning…

so very awesome part 2

this was taken on Labor Day.  there is an art installation outside of our baseball team’s stadium.  i’ll try to put up pictures tomorrow…it’s such a fascinating and capitvating display.  this piece is just a part of it, but definitely worth standing on its own…

so very awesome



Street Flowers #30


Street Flower #30


around town.3

around town .2

Now that it’s getting dark so early, I probably won’t be able to get these delicious shots at dusk for a while…pooh


around town .1

i know not everyone in the world is happy and content.  lots of misery out there.  but i feel like – for ME – happiness is in your perspective.  in what you see.  i’m putting up some shots of my town that i find beautiful.  this may not be the most exciting city, or offer the most things to do.  but i’m fond of it, i’ve found some of its treasures, and i like to share my perception of things.  so here’s the first shot of many to come:

“street flowers” picture album

street flowers

so i’m putting up a collection of pictures on facebook.

i’m calling the album “STREET FLOWERS”.   now look, i’m not a rocket scientist, but i’m telling you, i can just see someone out there stealing my title and idea and trying to make a nice, lovely coffee table book before i get around to it. 

SO DON’T!!!   i’m getting to it, ok?

so i’m coining this phrase here, and i’m gunna punch whoever tries to steal this from me!!   (but i only have 2 pics so far, so here they are…)