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just me

Today it is me here
lying on my porch
face to the sky as I
to the wind
sweeping through my
and nudging the trees,
encouraging them to
talk to me
once again.
Today it is me here
sharing space with
the world
as I study my trees
which have already begun
to change
into colors so vivid
my crayon box cannot
replicate them.
Today it is me here,
and I’m not vying for
this body
and it is only me for now
and this precious moment
is unique because
of the singularity
of voices
I hear inside.
Today it is me here
and I revel in this day
to myself
in the quietness of
the hour
and the stillness
of my usually
too chatty

two favorite colors

these are my two favorite colors!   or maybe, two of my favorite colors.  OR BOTH!!  😀

I Love Spring!

pink polka dots

crooked eye view

i like my weird perspective; my ability to see things that aren’t things, and notice expressions that are barely there on the face of the person next to me.  i have an uncanny ability to see hidden objects in movies, or ghosts in the window of an old house.  most people just look at me with a weird look on their face when i tell them about these things.  “off to the Funny Farm with you”, they seem to be saying to me with their wild, surprised expressions.  just because i saw a face in a tree?  or claim that i have faeries in my room playing Yahtzee? 

well even the small of faith and linear of mind should be able to see that i’ve found a mummy lying right next to one of the characters from Nightmare Before Christmas!!








The Hungry Tree

i love the random interestingness of life.  we are taught to think and use our logical minds; to pay attention to what our egos tell us, and usually follow what is logical and makes rational sense.

but there are so many wondrous, magical moments that can be missed if we live only by the schedule, clock, and calendar.  we can plan our lives down to the second, and never think to factor in magic, spontaneity, happenstance or random blessing.

last week, when it had finally gotten good and cold here (bleh) we had a warm day, and i wanted to go out shooting pictures while i could still stomach the weather.  i threw on my coat and headed a few blocks over for some quick shots.  i hadn’t pre-planned on shooting that day, and it certainly wasn’t how i was expecting to spend a day off.  i have a house to clean, a book that needs to be edited, and a box of creative mish-mash to sort through.  i don’t have time for this extra hour roaming through the streets.

but, if i hadn’t followed my gutt instinct, i would have missed out on this, most rare of all photos; the coveted sighting of The Hungry Tree!:


you just never know what is coming your way…

and that is the fun of living



still and restful after package chaos

i will miss you.2

another lovely i will miss…


i don’t know what is going on with wordpress, but apparently i can only upload one image right now.  so here it is…

i love the way everything is at odds with each other, and yet best friends as well.  the sky looks cold and frigid (29 degrees yesterday when i took this) and yet pockets of light here and there make the sky seem hopeful, and like it is considering whether to allow the sun to show through.

the tree is practically barren; shedding all its leaves over the last few weeks has made it feel rather lonely.  and yet, the sassy, polka dot texture of the bark is almost giving a finger to winter, saying “i don’t care if it’s mind blowingly cold…i’m going to be cute anyway!”

around town .3

some days every little thing seems to catch my eye…the odd way a squirrel hangs in a tree, looking uncannily like a trapeze artist; the moody feel of light reflecting from downpouring rain (like, how does the light bounce off those little droplets when they are moving so fast?); the happy drunk couple that seem to love each other so much, but are really probably so pickled they don’t realize they are cousins.

on this day the quirky patterns of nature drew my attention.  this is the tree outside our front door, and it’s so lovely i want to make a dress out of it!

angels around town

I found this lovely angel in a tree stump.  You just never know where they’ll crop up!



looks like her heart is sad