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accidental happiness ~ first day of the new year

so today has been a fabulous kick off to 2012.

first we started off with a movie at midnight.  and margaritas.

then we watched football all day today, along with some Twilight Zone marathon

We also had fun with my friend’s new Facebook page.

this was fun to ponder all day.  along with enjoying more margaritas and some pizza.  today’s question was “Favorite All Time Classic TV Show”, which was easy for me, as i am obsessed with The Twilight Zone.  but Mark (my friend) has listed all the questions that you should answer each day, so we sat and tried to figure out what our answers will be this month.  very fun, very old school, very couch potato.  and fun to read everyone else’s answers.

if you have a Facebook account, hop on the page, or go to his other old school TV discussion page,!/pages/Marks-Classic-TV-Guide/152892888086161

in the Twilight Zone


How was your weekend?
Mine was fabulous. Despite the fact that I caught a cold on Friday (maybe because I determinedly went on my morning walk despite the cold, damp and rain) and was laid up in bed all weekend, I still had a great time. Ok, Saturday was slow in some ways, because I spent a great deal of the day in bed sleeping. But my saving grace helped me through the ordeal: The Twilight Zone.

My local library has the entire five seasons on DVD, and I frequently check them out. You see, The Twilight Zone is one of my Achilles’ Heels. I’ve been addicted since I was nine or ten. Back when I was growing up just outside of L.A. (in the late seventies early eighties), The Twilight Zone ran in syndication every day at noon. I became addicted to the show, and days that I stayed home from school with a cold or flu, I lay on the couch with my eyes like saucers, all aglow from the light of our telly. The twisted, reality bending episodes crept into my mind and shadowed me throughout my lifetime, where I questioned which version of reality was accurate or correct. Mine? Someone else’s? Rod Serling’s?

It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I see these familiar episodes, which have become like old friends to me. I love them each time, and find new things to appreciate on each viewing. So yes, I didn’t feel my best this weekend. But watching the Zone while I was under the weather made my weekend the best possible.