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Do boogers have nutritional value?

The why:

Some time ago I was driving to work, or home from work, I can’t recall – and I saw an older gentleman walking along the street.  A senior citizen.  I don’t know his state of mind, or whether or not he was suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, or starvation, but he stuck his finger far up into the cavities of his nose hole, and proceeded to eat his findings. 

I know that children do this, go digging for treasure in the nostrils, and then munch away.  But I didn’t realize people do this when they get old as well.

So is it just a fun, weird thing, that your body produces these little bite-sized raisins that are obviously too tempting to resist (unless you are a functioning rational person in polite society who realizes there are cameras watching you on every street)?  Or is there nutritional value in a nose chew?  Not that I’m embarking on eating my body’s waste products, but hey, if I’m stuck in a cave in the dead of winter with no food, it’s probably better than chewing my arm off.