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not gone, just flued up

i have missed blogging, and boring you all to tears with my bits and pieces of absurdity.  but i’ve had the flu for a week, and just haven’t had much energy.  plus i could hardly walk for the stomach pain, so blogging hasn’t been much on my mind.  well that’s not true, it’s been on my mind, but not a feasible thing.  so, i am sort of back on, but slow in getting my creative brain moving.

got the ick…

i’ve been sick.  all i’ve wanted to do for two weeks is sleep.  and watch old episodes of Mission Impossible.  the good ones, with Martin Landeau and Barbra Bain.

it’s amazing the things you take for granted when you aren’t sick.

like the often overlooked ability to breathe through your nose. 

or the glorious job of brushing your teeth, which i usually do standing up, but lately would prefer to do lying down, if only it didn’t mean swallowing lots of toothpaste.  that’s bad for you.  don’t do that.  plus you end up with a lot of white crusty lipstick smears that makes you look like you have rabies.