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a posse of cats

i posted this picture in the middle of the night, when i was supposed to be dreaming of Jake Gyllenhaal.  i thought i’d comment on the picture.

my cats are fairly typical – they believe they rule the world, and we bill-payers are mere minions enslaved to do their evil bidding.  one thing that is common among our four cats is this paper obssession.  they all love paper (do all cats?) and i bring home packing paper from work that would just be recycled.

you’d think i’m bringing home gold bars from Fort Knox.  as soon as i put it down one of the furballs is lying on the whole batch.  and then i tear it into sections, and place the new, crisp and krinkly paper in its correct places; the basket shown here, another basket (the cat’s are constantly in and out of these and sleep the day away curled up like Red Riding Hood’s treat for grannie), several half boxes the lazy creatures lounge in, and the cave of wonders.  this is an oversized Toys R Us bag that is STUFFED with paper.  our boy cat goes in here and takes a very loud, very long, very thorough bath in the midst of loud krinkly rustling.  it’s fairly hilarious.

so yeah, this is one of the cats – Doodle (our neurotic shape-shifter) trying to pay attention to something when she’s really possibly hung over

shocked & distressed wall

live it, love it

this year i hope to live my life, instead of wasting time telling myself i should be doing something other than what i’m doing.  i give myself house points for passion, not for scolding.


grumpy food

my potato seems mad at me

ye olde talk

my friend and i were talking about our grannies recently, comparing notes on adorable granny talk.  while my granny frequently said “Denelle, you’re a PANIC” (meaning i cracked her up) and her granny said something like “Whoopsadaisie” (Lindsay, was that right??)  we discovered that they BOTH liked to say “Fair to Midland” when asked how they were doing.  (Middlen’?  Midline?)

My granny also used to say “Whoah-Bill” when she was about to drop something, and answered the phone with a stretched out “Yyyello…”

what about the rest of you all?  what are some of the fun things your grannies used to say?


accidental happiness ~ stardate: 08-12-2011

someone recently commented that i should write more on here.  and since i take requests, here i am.

i agree i need to post more often.  unfortunately for a while my laptop charger was down, so my little fingers had no ability to translate for my brain.  i don’t know if this ‘requester’ was legit; could have been a spammer wanting to draw me to their site to buy something i really need, like gaskets.  but just in case, here is my new post:

my sister and i had an accidental happy day yesterday.  we were both able to buy two pairs of glasses for like 60.00 each, which is crazy.  okay, mine were more like 80.00 each, but regardless, we got an excellent bargain for new specs, and it made us feel squeezy and happy all day. 

and who doesn’t like a cute, quirky librarian who wears fun glasses?  so yay me!  (although technically i’m not a librarian, i just work in a library…does that ruin that whole “naughty librarian” fantasy, cause i’m just a clerk?  dang!)

anyway, i love my new specs and can’t wait to wear them (coming in about a week)

add to that my joyous shipment of Twilight Zone toys this week, and things couldn’t be much better! (unless i had a man in my life and was getting laid!!!)

nuff said; the bargain gods be praised!

oh, Stormy…

I was very Stormy the other day.

Stormy is one of my alters that I haven’t quite figured out. Well, most of them I haven’t figured out yet.

Stormy seems to be a mix of things; part tomboy, part ska beach girl, part free spirit. She has a littler body than most of us. When Stormy has taken over, I can tell, because my body feels like it’s shorter than normal. I suddenly have a junior high sized body, and a different walk. She’s a little more slouchy than most, and walks like Meg Ryan in Prelude to a Kiss. Or maybe that’s how Meg walks all the time, I don’t know for sure. The tomboy aspect comes out in how she does her hair, what shoes she wears, what clothes she puts on. She is spunky, quirky, and has a definite viewpoint that I haven’t figured out. I’m not sure yet what propels her, but she has a mind of her own and plays by her own set of rules. She is uninhibited, sporty and free, which is not really how I have spent most of my life up ’till now. At least, not in the way she does it.

Stormy will dance in the middle of the street if she hears a song on someone’s radio she likes. She won’t worry about what the drivers or people around her will think, she’ll just turn to her sister or friend and say “ooo, I LOVE this song!” smile a huge smile and start swinging her hips. Stormy will walk confidently into any room and not even consider what other people are thinking about her, go about her business, and leave. She can tell when a boy thinks she’s cute, and she might smile at them or wink, but she is so involved in the moment that she just LIVES it and doesn’t worry about any of that other stuff.

That’s not been me. A lot of my adult life – or a lot of the life I can remember – has been spent observing people, trying to gauge their reactions to me so that I can change my behavior if I sense danger or disapproval. If I’m too hyper, I can calm down. If I’m too loud, I can alter my voice. I need to be in tune with the situations around me in order to shift myself – either my personality or my characteristics – to stay safe; to blend in. Stormy isn’t like that. She just is what she is.

I reconnected with a friend of mine from my past, and he told me he was madly in love with me when we were young. I thought he had a thing for my sister, but no, it was me he was crazy about. He described a time we were in the back of someone’s truck, driving along on a summer night, and I was singing a song by the Eagles, or Styx. He said I was the most beautiful thing ever. I thought to myself, “Stormy”.

Stormy isn’t afraid of life.

She IS life.

She runs and loves and feels openly.

She embraces trees and people and ideas openly.

She is the essence of vitality, and what people dream of finding at the bottom of the fountain of youth.

And I have her in me…

I just have to figure out how to let her out…