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not gone, just flued up

i have missed blogging, and boring you all to tears with my bits and pieces of absurdity.  but i’ve had the flu for a week, and just haven’t had much energy.  plus i could hardly walk for the stomach pain, so blogging hasn’t been much on my mind.  well that’s not true, it’s been on my mind, but not a feasible thing.  so, i am sort of back on, but slow in getting my creative brain moving.

accidental happiness ~ what the?

one day, while walking along peacefully under blue skies and the watchful eye of the sun, my sister pointed something out to me.  “here it is,” she smiled, warm and friendly.  she’d asked me the week before if i had ever seen a particular sign that is several blocks down the road.  she described this sign – a metal one, like at a parking lot that says “you can only park here 15 mins, then you get towed”, that kind of thing.  and no, i said, i hadn’t seen this sign.  maybe she should show me. 

because the way she described it … well, my interest was piqued.  so off we went – just a few days later – in search of the sign.  down the street, a right at the corner, and within a few blocks we finally came to the little treasure, and yeah, i can see why she favored it so.  and i did too.  what a great sign.  marketing and advertising people rarely make commercials or billboards with this much impact and direct communication.  so, here it is in all its glory … because, really, we had to share it:

i’ve done a little tweaking, so that i could enjoy this sign in multiple, rainbow colors…  see below

sideshow poo

I know it can’t be that fun to walk around with little plastic bags on your hands waiting for the right moment so you can bend down and pick up a hot, steaming pile of poo. That’s exactly why I’ve trained my animals to use the toilet. Including the llama and the spider monkey. Spider monkey goes a little crazy with the toilet paper, but at least he always remembers to flush. It’s harder for the iguana, because that handle is the same size as his body.

If you’re going to take your dog out on a walk, regardless of how gross their poo is, it would be a courtesy to neighbors and pedestrians alike if you pick up the poo. Today on my walk – (actually being able to walk outdoors in Michigan in February with just a sweatshirt on is like finding a winning lotto ticket inside a carton of milk…pretty uncommon) – I kept coming across these ginormous piles of poo. At one point I seriously wondered if this person had been out walking their horse. And either this animal had a REALLY big breakfast this morning, or this person forgets their doggy doody bags A LOT.

Word of friendly advice: if you aren’t going to pick up your dog’s poo, please get a gerbil. Or a Chihuahua, ‘cause their poos are less brazenly offensive.