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flat faced and eagle eyed

i’m in one of my people today.

having DID is quite an interesting life.  whether you know you have it or not.

today i believe i’m functioning in a personality that i’ve had since i was a wee thing.  although whichever personality i use to write is conflicting with her right now, because the personality on my face doesn’t use quippy writing style.

i call her Rocky.

one day i’d like to make a book about these interesting people inside me.  for now this blog will suffice.  i finally bought myself a printer/copier/scanner, and will soon begin the interesting project of scanning old pictures of me onto my blog.

may not sound all that thrilling to anyone, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

after my uncle died i had a massive influx of new pictures in my life.  he was an amateur photographer, basically having a decent talent that he used mainly as a hobby.  i have started a number of blogs about this interesting person with his interesting hobby, but i don’t think i’ve ever put them up.

because they are too difficult.

too dark.

when i got these pictures it freaked my shit out, so to speak.  because some of the pictures reveal more to myself than i want to know.

but these pictures also document my life as a multiple.  like i said…i plan on making a book of this, because i am not aware of any other book where you can SEE the different personalities right from the lens’ point of view.  and there they are…several of me in one shoot, popping out from behind the same set of eyes, but clearly very different.

anyway, i’m one of these people today.  one of these hidden little me’s that people forget are there.  that I forget are there.  my face is different.  i am usually wide eyed and expressive, and today i’m like Botox face, all flat forehead, emotionless eyebrows, facial muscles taking a bit of a coffee break.  and my brain isn’t over multi-tasking, which it usually is.  i’m kind of one track right now.  i’m kind of distant and watching and uninvolved.  but i can’t trace this person’s thoughts as well as i can others.

wonder how this day shall pan out…