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a posse of cats

i posted this picture in the middle of the night, when i was supposed to be dreaming of Jake Gyllenhaal.  i thought i’d comment on the picture.

my cats are fairly typical – they believe they rule the world, and we bill-payers are mere minions enslaved to do their evil bidding.  one thing that is common among our four cats is this paper obssession.  they all love paper (do all cats?) and i bring home packing paper from work that would just be recycled.

you’d think i’m bringing home gold bars from Fort Knox.  as soon as i put it down one of the furballs is lying on the whole batch.  and then i tear it into sections, and place the new, crisp and krinkly paper in its correct places; the basket shown here, another basket (the cat’s are constantly in and out of these and sleep the day away curled up like Red Riding Hood’s treat for grannie), several half boxes the lazy creatures lounge in, and the cave of wonders.  this is an oversized Toys R Us bag that is STUFFED with paper.  our boy cat goes in here and takes a very loud, very long, very thorough bath in the midst of loud krinkly rustling.  it’s fairly hilarious.

so yeah, this is one of the cats – Doodle (our neurotic shape-shifter) trying to pay attention to something when she’s really possibly hung over

Paper Art

Paper Art.

loving it … this is uber cool.  i don’t know how anyone has the patience or the filangial dexterity for this.  i’m pretty sure i would burst a vital organ if i tried this.

ephemera .2

Ahhhh…two of my favorite things today:

Rain and Ephemera.

Sunday my sister and I went to an old book and paper show.  Wow.  Don’t roll your eyes so hard, they might fall out.  It was cool!  You should try it before making fun of me and calling me a nerd.  Anyway the term is probably geek.  Twice a year my town hosts the biggest book and paper show in the “midwest”, and there are treasures like 1st editions, autograhped copies of bestsellers, rare books, miniature books, and loads and loads of ephemera!

I have a thing for ephemera. 

I only discovered recently that old crap like menus from resteraunts that are no longer around was called ephemera.  Well I’ve been collecting this stuff forever.  And at these book shows I get all the coolest stuff, like this fun book on old medicine for animals.

And this incredibly groovy meal ticket from an old hotel.

I wonder who this person was, and what there stay was all about.  Business meeting?  Clandestine rendezvous with a scandalously clad woman?  Running away from a gorey murder site he doesn’t want to be connected with?  Is that why he lost his appetite and never ate his meal?

And how about this treasure, my little green bottle?  What fabulous medicine was in here?  Nerve tonic?  Opium? (yummm)  Laudenum?  To add to its personal value, its from an old pharmacy here in my local town.

But this is my great find of the day – nay – of years!  My own Penny Dreadful, and he’s a rascally little guy…