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c’mon, man!

today at work it’s a zoo.  literally.  there are animals from the zoo here, and a man who makes gourmet popcorn, and right in front of me, a magician!

the good thing is: he’s very entertaining.  kids are howling with laughter.  clapping rings through the halls.  howling and laughter and merriment.

the bummer is: i can’t see him!  i’m out in the hall manning a station and i can HEAR him but not actually SEE him.  but really it’s kind of fun, this way i can just IMAGINE all the magical wonderness that is happening. 

and since that’s mostly what i do with my life anyway, i couldn’t be happier.




Not always easy being me.

People don’t always get me.

Even my own people.

There’s something about me –

something magic –

That makes kitties want to sit on my

lap for a massage

That makes my team score when I cheer

and lose the game if I leave to go pee.

Something that makes the camel in the

zoo laugh at me and come closer to be

near me.

And I can’t change that.

I don’t want to.

Yeah, I’m my father’s daughter.

Yeah, I’m prone to fantasy thinking

and teetering on the border of

reality and insanity.

Yes – I jump in the pool and may

actually drown before I can swim

my way to the oasis.

But this is who I am.

Balls to the wall.

Heart on my sleeve.

Eyes in the sky.

I’m a believer

and a magician

and a lover




I can’t be all that and rational too.