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Down Below: a happy place

I love to have fun. 

Sometimes at other people’s expense, but usually not in a harmful way.  I’m a bit of a stinker sometimes, it’s true, but my silly behaviours usually make people laugh, as opposed to punching me in the kisser.

Take for example my last feat of silliness:

I had to go visit the girlie doctor.  You know; the whiny Gynie situation.  I HATE going to the gynocologist.  Hey I’m not saying I don’t need more action down there, because certainly I do!  But cold instruments and uncomfortable stirrups are NOT what I would opt for, thank you very much.  It’s a much dreaded thing, this necessary visit.  Women all over hate this exam, for good reason.  It’s pretty much ZERO fun.


It’s been my dream for about ten or fifteen years to go into my gynie exam and surprise my doctor with a set of chattering teeth in my nether regions.  “HELLO!!!  Not only is your pap smear normal, but you have lovely enamel as well!” 

My advice on this, should you ever choose to follow my example – be sure you pull this on a female doctor, not a male one.  (mine is female, don’t worry.  i don’t want to give any man undue stress about the precious cave of wonders, because as i understand it, vaginal dentata could be detrimental to one’s sex life!)

But I don’t want my doctor to get bored with me…wonder what I should try next???