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forgetful and more forgettiful

i had a great word i wanted to put up here, in my denelleiopedia area.

of course, now i don’t remember what it was, so i’m going to have to go with SCHLOMPY today.  SCHLOMPY is when you are feeling a bit bedraggled, or less than crisp.  maybe – like me – you have been enjoying Red Robin a bit too much this winter, and your belly hangs over your jeans just a smidge.

maybe your shirt is wrinkled because – like here – it is hot, humid and about a trillion degrees.  (ooops.  there i go exaggerating again!)

and when you have naturally curly hair like mine, this weather makes your lovely curls look like the Bride of Frankenstein   

that’s when you might be feeling SCHLOMPY.  (though if i looked this cute when my hair went wild, i wouldn’t mind so much!)

stay tuned for more ridiculous time wasting articles and exciting non-words

accidental happiness…stardate 9.3.2010

gorgeous walk this morning!  i am such a FALL person.  (ok, true i used to have better balance and awareness of my surroundings, and now i trip and stumble all the time.  but i’m actually talking about AUTUMN)

the sky was beautiful, it wasn’t twenty-seven-thousand degrees like it has been all summer, and it was windy.windy.windy.   yummm, fall is coming!  interesting that the severe humidity we had this summer made lichen grow on many of the trees.  now most of the trees on my walk are covered in fur, like they decided that fuzzy green bathrobes were the look this season.  even my favorite little guy Poncho is sporting the look a little.  this was the third hottest summer in my city, and the humidity made my walks impossible more often than i wished.  but today made up for it.  leaves scattered on the ground, confetti after a park party the squirrels must have thrown.  they are always getting into mischief.  and i saw a bird gliding in the air, sort of thumbing his nose at the world, that he had the day off from work and could just meander around in the clouds, casually cruising the sky.  of course, birds don’t really have thumbs.  i’m not sure if it was a crow or a hawk, it was so high up in the air i thought it must be a hawk, being as huge as it was.  but i couldn’t see great from where i was.  either way, a welcome start to what i hope will be a good day.