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just a thought

ok, just a warning to anyone who has read previous posts on this blog, and might be expecting something positive, uplifting, or inspiring, because this blog does have happiness in the title there.  well, warning: this is a rant!  stop now if you fear you may be brought to your knees by my candid observations…

the new giant headphone phase is sort of causing me angst.


image via…get them there in all kinds of colors!

i love that people are into their music. i love that it is contained, and piping through their headphones to only THEIR ears, causing them to be deaf and not me, as opposed to the loud, bumping cars that drive by and rattle my windows and make me feel nauseous, as though i’ve just flown MACH 5 down the airstrip.  so yay to the very cool headphones for lowering my impulse to murder my fellow man!

that said, now that everyone in the area has these headphones on, i feel like i’m in a continual “American Idol: the Worst of the Worst” episode.  with both ears receiving full volume tunage, one cannot fully hear the degree to which one is completely off key.  all these people walking around singing at the top of their lungs sound like drowning cats!  today – and what prompted this rant – i wasn’t sure if the person walking down the street was singing, yelling at her honey on the phone, or actually on fire and trying to draw attention to that fact.  actually i’m not even sure it was a woman since i didn’t actually see this singer/drowner with my own eyes.

so … wow … kudos to whoever invents the future headphones that allow you to hear your awesome music but also hear yourself and adjust your tonage appropriately, or synthesize yourself like Cher.  now THAT would be an awesome product!