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accidental happiness ~ first day of the new year

so today has been a fabulous kick off to 2012.

first we started off with a movie at midnight.  and margaritas.

then we watched football all day today, along with some Twilight Zone marathon

We also had fun with my friend’s new Facebook page.

this was fun to ponder all day.  along with enjoying more margaritas and some pizza.  today’s question was “Favorite All Time Classic TV Show”, which was easy for me, as i am obsessed with The Twilight Zone.  but Mark (my friend) has listed all the questions that you should answer each day, so we sat and tried to figure out what our answers will be this month.  very fun, very old school, very couch potato.  and fun to read everyone else’s answers.

if you have a Facebook account, hop on the page, or go to his other old school TV discussion page,!/pages/Marks-Classic-TV-Guide/152892888086161

kinda gwumpy in da mornin

lately when i get up and out of bed, i sorta feel like,

accidental happiness ~ what the?

one day, while walking along peacefully under blue skies and the watchful eye of the sun, my sister pointed something out to me.  “here it is,” she smiled, warm and friendly.  she’d asked me the week before if i had ever seen a particular sign that is several blocks down the road.  she described this sign – a metal one, like at a parking lot that says “you can only park here 15 mins, then you get towed”, that kind of thing.  and no, i said, i hadn’t seen this sign.  maybe she should show me. 

because the way she described it … well, my interest was piqued.  so off we went – just a few days later – in search of the sign.  down the street, a right at the corner, and within a few blocks we finally came to the little treasure, and yeah, i can see why she favored it so.  and i did too.  what a great sign.  marketing and advertising people rarely make commercials or billboards with this much impact and direct communication.  so, here it is in all its glory … because, really, we had to share it:

i’ve done a little tweaking, so that i could enjoy this sign in multiple, rainbow colors…  see below

c’mon, man!

today at work it’s a zoo.  literally.  there are animals from the zoo here, and a man who makes gourmet popcorn, and right in front of me, a magician!

the good thing is: he’s very entertaining.  kids are howling with laughter.  clapping rings through the halls.  howling and laughter and merriment.

the bummer is: i can’t see him!  i’m out in the hall manning a station and i can HEAR him but not actually SEE him.  but really it’s kind of fun, this way i can just IMAGINE all the magical wonderness that is happening. 

and since that’s mostly what i do with my life anyway, i couldn’t be happier.



denelle’s top 10 reasons for having sex


10. It’s a nice way to keep in touch:

Gosh, with all change in the world today, it seems like sometimes you have to make an extra effort to stay connected with your friends and cohorts. People change jobs, move to different locales, and break up and divorce all the time. No one wants to lose all their hard earned friends. Sex is DEFINITELY one way to keep your friends close!

9. It’s a perfect form of worship:

You say god, I say goddess. You say potato, I say French fries. Whatever or whoever you revere or honor, every great deity needs some worship and acknowledgement. Some appreciate sacrifices and libations as well. For me, the perfect form of worship involves sex. Bodies coming together to celebrate life, the world, the earth, and unity of people. I mean UNITY. So go ahead and sit in your pew with your hymnal if you like. Or, you could try my method of honorific studies, and hop in the sack when you need to pray real loud.

8. It’s a great way to stay warm:

This has been – hands down – the longest winter I’ve ever experienced. Granted, I live in Michigan, so extended winters are to be expected. But come on! Winter hits here in November, and by the end of April, when you are still seeing occasional snowflakes…well a girl gets a bit punchy. And cold! Enter the ever popular sex act. With the cost of life going up, and heating bills that stagger the allotted budgetary demands, a nice romp in the hay is the perfect way to stay warm while you’re waiting for spring to show up.

7. It’s an excellent way to be politically active:

You know the old hippie saying “Make Love, Not War”. If everyone was getting a little more, perhaps we would have less war, less crime, less…I don’t know…pollution? I can’t change the whole world, but I have determined that one way I can at least FEEL like I’m making a difference is SEX! I may not be picketing down at the Capitol, I may not be a part of Green Peace, but I can feel like I’m doing my part in active “not-making-of-war” by participating strenuously in the making-love part of the slogan. Being politically active has never been so fun!

6. It’s a healthy way to deal with anger:

People can be annoying. And irritating. And stoooopid. Some days it’s all you can do to keep from punching people in the kisser. And since you’re already thinking of putting something in someone’s kisser, why not turn to your sweetheart for a grumpy quickie? Venting out your anger in sex can make for a hot, passionate – albeit bruising – affair. So you get a little rug burn, or potentially a black eye. What’s a little pain between friends? Especially when it keeps you from overnight jail accommodations due to assaulting a stranger on the subway.

5. It’s an excellent form of exercise:

I may have accidentally put on a few pounds this winter. Not a lot of pounds. And maybe not even pounds, maybe I’m just more…huggable, less firm. So (as soon as it’s warm enough) I’m headed back to my walking routine. But in the meantime, how’s a girl to burn some extra calories so she can fit into her favorite hot skinny jeans? Yup! Sex to the rescue! Interestingly, in a male/female couple, both partners burn more calories if the woman is on top. And hey, I’m striving to tone up, so I gotta do my duty! Check out this chart for more …

 4. It’s the ideal recreational activity:

Bored? Get real. How can you be bored when there is someone next to you with all those nice body parts! I hate when people tell me they have nothing to do and life’s a bore. Or that they went on vacation and it was a big drag. Give me a break! You’re in Montreal, and your BORED!? Not happening. But ok, let’s say you are…let’s say you’re in Montreal, and there’s nothing to do because the whole city has gone to sleep. Or you’re out camping and it rains the whole time. Or you went to go zip lining and the instructor got sick with Sleeping Tiger Fever. (made that one up) Have some sex. It’s a great activity anytime, and it’s completely portable. You can take it with you to Disneyworld, the Bahamas, and even back yard barbecues. (check with your doctor about skydiving and snorkeling…I can’t be sure about those)

3. It’s helpful for cleaning off surfaces:

Come on, I’m an artist. I’m a writer, a crafter, a hobbyist, a Twilight Zone enthusiast, and a reader. I have too many projects and interests to spend any decent amount of time cleaning my house. Luckily for me, a nice bout of sex on the coffee table can clean off ALL my junk in one glorious swoop! Shove all that stuff on the floor and go at it! Look at that; my coffee table is cleared off! Try my method, it’s sure to be a hit. (granted, you have to pick all the stuff off the floor afterwards, but it’s blissfully easier to put away now!)

2. It’s a great exfoliant:

Seriously! You’ve never thought of that? What an excellent way to rejuvenate yourself, refresh your skin, and give yourself that “glow” of health. Sex is THE way to healthy skin; all that wonderful friction to slough off dead skin cells. Certainly a more entertaining way to revive your youthful appearance than an old facial mask.

1. It’s fashion forward:

Sex is THE one thing that goes with everything and NEVER goes out of style. All the cool people are doing it, and some of the important people too. Sex goes with food, fashion, music, movies, alcohol, and all sorts of other forms of entertainment. If I really have to give you ten reasons you should be having sex, you clearly haven’t had the right kind.

Down Below: a happy place

I love to have fun. 

Sometimes at other people’s expense, but usually not in a harmful way.  I’m a bit of a stinker sometimes, it’s true, but my silly behaviours usually make people laugh, as opposed to punching me in the kisser.

Take for example my last feat of silliness:

I had to go visit the girlie doctor.  You know; the whiny Gynie situation.  I HATE going to the gynocologist.  Hey I’m not saying I don’t need more action down there, because certainly I do!  But cold instruments and uncomfortable stirrups are NOT what I would opt for, thank you very much.  It’s a much dreaded thing, this necessary visit.  Women all over hate this exam, for good reason.  It’s pretty much ZERO fun.


It’s been my dream for about ten or fifteen years to go into my gynie exam and surprise my doctor with a set of chattering teeth in my nether regions.  “HELLO!!!  Not only is your pap smear normal, but you have lovely enamel as well!” 

My advice on this, should you ever choose to follow my example – be sure you pull this on a female doctor, not a male one.  (mine is female, don’t worry.  i don’t want to give any man undue stress about the precious cave of wonders, because as i understand it, vaginal dentata could be detrimental to one’s sex life!)

But I don’t want my doctor to get bored with me…wonder what I should try next???