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can you keep up here???

ok, ok.

i haven’t been on here in forever.  i’ve been neglecting my readers.  all three of you.  wait, are there still three??   well simmer down, i’m working on it.  or don’t simmer down, cause i like a good boil too.  not a boil boil, like on your bum or anything, just a good medium boil to stir the cauldron.

my big complaint today is the frequency with which i am seeing handsome, potentially available men in my work environment, and the all too brief exchanges we share.  OY!  give a girl some time to batt her eyelashes already!  that’s alright, any guy with a decent set of working eyeballs and half a working brain would come back around the next day to see if i’m working and try to put the moves on me.  i have to assume that if they don’t do this they are working with a less than complete deck of cards, and would therefore be easily confused by my witty bantor and scathing humor.  i hate to make a man look stupid – unless of course he’s been exceptionally naughty – so i try my best to not date the ones that can’t quite keep up. 

sigh…no wonder i’ve been single for so long.