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grrr football

well it’s thursday, and there’s a football game tonight.  so what will happen?  will referees be attacked by angry men in sweatshirts?  will indecision and lack of communication decide another win for a team that maybe didn’t really do what they got credit for?  (sorry Seattle, you know i love you).   or will fans start to boycott this mess and leave the multi-million dollar stands completely empty, like an old Roman arena that once was great and full of competition, but then someone decided, “hmmmm…feeding random people to lions is just really droll.  let’s have them fight to the death instead!”

it’s not like i’m going to say anything that hasn’t already been said continually for the last 72 hours straight.  but i’m going to say it anyway, because this is my blog and i can do that.


this is ridiculous.  maybe the NFL proper is all about money, and making more of it, and profits, and money and cash.  but WHERE do they think all that money comes from?  SURPRISE, IDIOTS!  THE FANS!  if the fans, and the commentators, and the experts, analysts, reporters, players, coaches, and medics are all angry and upset about a situation, i’m thinking you need to address that situation.

am i crazy here?  (don’t answer that, we already know that answer)   yes you may have the almighty dollar as your bottom line, but you won’t be getting those magical monies if you piss off everyone that has said dollars in their pockets.

GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES AND BRING BACK THE REGULAR OFFICIALS.  how many people have to say it to make it enter your fat skulls?