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weird eye view

what the…? (9.20.11)

Yesterday during my morning walk (which occurred at around 2:30pm) I spied a car with an interesting symbol.

As I got closer to the vehicle I decided this driver must be a Storm Chaser!   How exciting!  How adventuresome!

The reason – however – that the car caught my attention in the first place was the speed at which it was moving.  Ok, I fully recognize that the driver was making a right hand turn into the demented dentist’s office, so you have to slow down for that.  But seriously, for a block and a half – and THEN the turn – the car was moving along at a clipping pace of 3 MPH.  I am so bad at math, I can’t even calculate what that astronomical speed would be in Kilometers.  Oy.

So my question for today is:  with these maneuvering skills, exactly what storm would this driver be able to chase?  The type that occurs here?:  

team D

having MPD can be interesting, and today was no exception.  but today i actually had fun trying to balance out all the alters.  i was getting ready for work, because i haven’t won the Lotto yet, and something made me little.  something i read beforehand, or something i remembered, or something i talked to Bodhi about made me nervous and twitchy, and then it happened.  i was in the kitchen making myself a sandwich, and all of a sudden i didn’t know what to do.  i got lost. 

luckily my sister was right there to help me out.  thank the gods for her!  she noticed i was little and said it was all right and offered to help me.  so i had her cut something for my food (shiny, sharp objects are frequently bad for me to handle) and she helped me get it all set.  it was suddenly like a little cooking project for kids – “children, be sure you ask an adult to help you make the turkey sandwich”.  but the cool thing was that i was able to CHANGE.

i’d been walking around all morning with leg problems.  sometimes my legs go dead, and they don’t have much feeling to them.  they become like phantoms hanging on my body, dragging me through a field of wet mud.  and all morning i’d had this trouble walking.  and then i got all little and squirrely, and when i remembered i was going to have to drive to work, i got worried.  we were discussing whether or not she should drive me, because sometimes when i’m little i forget things.  and sometimes when i’m little – and driving – forgetting things can be dangerous.

i forget i have to stay in my own lane.

i forget where i’m going.

i forget to watch for other cars or people.

i forget to keep to a certain speed.

i forget the way to somewhere i’ve been a million times, like the doctor’s office,

            or my house.

anyway, suddenly i got nervous, because i’m going to have to go to work, and i can’t be this little person at work!  so i decided to watch something on tv that one of my big people would like, and hope that they would come out and take over.  and that’s just what happened!  i put on my favorite show, Top Chef, and right away an older alter popped out and started commenting on things in the show.  and then Bodhi and i had an interesting discussion about one of the contestants and the curiosities of life, and i had only just been a little! 

so today, i’m feeling pretty good about the system.  today it worked out.  i went to work, and handled everything fine, and did better performing my new job tasks this week than in months.  so i’m very glad to have a sort of success story week, because it’s been a strange, trying, difficult road learning how to manage this stuff.  and today made me feel like i could do it.  and even writing this out, i can see that i’m still kind of little, that i’m talking different and writing different than other times.  but i guess that’s ok, ‘cause that’s just the who’s i am.

the Big O


Today is a gigantic orgasm.

It’s October – in Michigan – and I’m wearing a tank top, with the windows open. The birds outside are hosting the first annual American Idol Avian competition, and everyone sounds pretty good so far. My wind chimes are the accompaniment and I’m not sure who the judges are, but if my vote counts, I’d have to pick the group of birds on the neighbors roof over the blue jay flying around.

Meanwhile, the cars drive by my house with their speedy shells racing along, kicking up leaves on the street, which dance in the wind for a while before landing on the damp ground again. It rained quite a bit last night and this morning, and the half rainy day is peaceful, relaxed and harmonious. For me. Right now. ‘Cause I’m on my couch writing and breathing and enjoying, and not out running errands or attending funerals or anything like that.

But I’m trying to learn to see the silver lining in everything, and when I’m looking at life through that lens, it seems there are so many treasures around me, I lose count of my blessings! Food in the fridge and in the cupboard – check. Body parts all accounted for and working – check. Heart full of hope and desire – check. Money in the bank – well, sixty cents is still money, so check.

Like I said; today is a big orgasm.