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fashionable drunkenness

i love these little … whatever they ares.  got them during my birthday bash weekend for less than a buck each.  they are so cute, and have been handy so far for ice cream (better portions than when i use a cereal bowl!!!) and also MARGARITAS!!  LOVE THEM

i love the color, very retro feeling so that i feel groovy while i’m getting smashed!  (by the by, that’s our stuffed monkey hanging from the blinds in the background, and a sticky skull)


though i have to admit my mind isn’t really on the  great colored glass when i’m putting down the margaritas.  and lately it seems like even just one of these little glasses is enough to make me topple-overy.    is it just that i’m getting older?  does everyone become a severe light weight with age?



people like to celebrate their heritage in different ways.  some people might go back through their lineage, find their family’s coat of arms and display it in the house.  others might trace their ancestry back to their country of origin, and take a trip with their family to find any relatives, or roam over the stomping grounds of a great-great-great lost uncle, grandparent or ex-communicated patch of cousins. 

me, i like to do things differently.  i have my own ways.

for instance, a few years ago i discovered that i was mostly Czechoslovakian (if a pretty-much-mostly-mutt can be “most” of something).  it appears my way of celebrating this heritage is by growing lots of hair where i don’t want it.  wonky eyebrows that refuse to participate in beauty class, goofball stray hairs that seem to think i live in the arctic and need to protect one hair follicle on my cheek, or two follicles on my chin. (wtf?)  and of course my legs think i need a built in pair of boots to keep me warm at all times.  thanks, Czecks!

i seem to celebrate my Native American heritage by being poor and having a tendency to enjoy alcohol and pills too much.

i think we are part Irish, though i might be making that up, but just in case, i do love a good potato, so i have that duly covered.  and in case there is any Romanian in me i do tarot readings, so i’m full of the celebration there as well.

all in all, i feel i’m representing my people groups as best i can.