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OK, politics aside people:  the key to a happy, safe America is Meds for everyone.  I mean, health insurance so that some people who NEED meds (i/e: ME) can have access to them when they need it.  I’ve been off some of my normalizers, which help with stress, anxiety and OCD issues, and I swear to God, I’m about to kick some kittens, to use a friend’s phrase.  (because clearly I’m not someone who would kick kittens!  maybe a beaver, or a chinchilla, but we don’t have many of those in my neighborhood).

Anyway, yesterday was ROUGH on me, and today I’m having anger controlling issues because of my computer and this thing they call the InterNet, which, if you think about it, sounds like a horror movie.  So Frack- I will have to update and blog on the interesting, hide away and keep private those things that might land me in prison, and in the meantime hope I don’t lose my job today for hostility toward customers.