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Dear Diary: outdone by myself

so i was going to put up a blog about how irritating it is to have awesomely great ideas when you are in the shower and can’t write these ideas down.  and i wrote a little blog, knowing full well that i’d done a similar blog to this a while back.

“well,” i said to myself, “i’ll just link to that previous blog, in case anyone wants to read the originaller version”.  (did you like that word?)

but then, after reading the FIRST blog, i’m like, “huh. that one is waaay better than this one today”.

so then, CRAP – outwitted and outwritten by my own former self!  damn, i hate showing myself up with myself!

said link to silly post

slight indescretion

hello, WordPress.

i’m sorry, i’ve been cheating on you with Foodspotting and Pinterest.   ooops.  don’t worry, i still love you…

good golly

[begin sarcastic tone]

the charger on my laptop recently went kaput.  so until i get my new one in the mail, the massively exciting posts i’ve been writing so frequently, the scintillating pictures i’ve been posting and the thrilling tales of adventure, espionage and gossip will be on hold.

i know it’s hard to control yourself.  it’s ok if you cry a little.  i’ll be back soon.

[/endsarcastic tone]