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accidental happiness ~ stardate: RIGHT THIS MINUTE!

any of you normal people that follow this blog, you might not appreciate today’s snippet.

but for all you roller derby girls, ex-junkies and psych ward patients,  well i think you’ll get what i’m sayin’ here.

it’s been a long week already.  i have a schedule at work that goes: Long Week, Short Week, Medium Week, then starts over again.  this is the long one i’ve just finished, and ended it last night with an altercation.  so today i’m lounging around in my pajamas (yoga pants, whatever) and just breathing, you know?

suddenly there is this harsh pounding on my door, and i’m like CRAP!  WHAT?!  I’M ABOUT TO WATCH SOME TWILIGHT ZONES, LEMME ALONE!

but i answer the door.  the mailman (and you’ll hear more about him another time) was actually concerned that someone in the house might be hurt.  we’ve let our mail pile up all week because of my schedule and my sister’s, who is pulling double shifts.  and most of it is catalogues and junk mail adds, so who’s going to run out at midnight to worry about cleaning out the box?  not me!

but he had noticed we hadn’t picked it up, and he was like “everything OK here?”   which is soooo sweet!  and i brushed him off, “oh yeah, it’s fine, sorry!!”

i pull all the mail out and smile at him.  “sorry!”

then later i happen to look in the mirror and see


wonky hair in all directions, ex mascara smeared all over my face and basic overall grumpiness.  plus i’m in my kookoo pants and a sleeveless comic book hero tee shirt.

yep; nothing wrong with anybody here!

forgetful and more forgettiful

i had a great word i wanted to put up here, in my denelleiopedia area.

of course, now i don’t remember what it was, so i’m going to have to go with SCHLOMPY today.  SCHLOMPY is when you are feeling a bit bedraggled, or less than crisp.  maybe – like me – you have been enjoying Red Robin a bit too much this winter, and your belly hangs over your jeans just a smidge.

maybe your shirt is wrinkled because – like here – it is hot, humid and about a trillion degrees.  (ooops.  there i go exaggerating again!)

and when you have naturally curly hair like mine, this weather makes your lovely curls look like the Bride of Frankenstein   

that’s when you might be feeling SCHLOMPY.  (though if i looked this cute when my hair went wild, i wouldn’t mind so much!)

stay tuned for more ridiculous time wasting articles and exciting non-words