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i am not a coke-head

ok, let me clarify.  actually i AM severly addicted to Coca~Cola – liquid of the gods!  but i do not do cocaine.

we are having this conversation because a co-worker the other day suspected me of cocaine useage.   a rather creepy person came into the ‘shop’ and freaked me out a bit, and i got pretty hyper and bouncy afterwards.  it’s a sort of manic phase i go into when confronted with serial child abductors or murderers and their ilk.  so i was bouncing around, trying to deflect my “ewwww” factor, and my co-worker looked at me funny.

as if he had the right!  he’s from Alabama, accosting Michigan ears with his cute twangy drawl.  (i’m from LA…the Michigan accent is very VERY different from both)  anyway, i suffer from allergies and was wiggling my nose alot that day, so combined with my hyperactivity, he was fairly convinced i was a coke-head.  i tried to straighten it all out, and told him no, i’m really just crazy instead, and i think we got it cleared up.

but i thought i’d put it on the record…opiate addictions?  certainly.  alcohol?  yes please.   cocaine?  not at all…