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kudos to me

Kudos to me today!

i was on Facebook (because it is some time of some day and that’s usually where i am) and someone i know and love put up this quote:    don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are foot prints on the moon.unknown

which is so cute and cool, because this is a teenager, and she is testing her wings and learning about limits, and non limits and how to be beautiful and fierce and loving at the same time.  and it is such a cool quote!

and Kudos To Me, because my first reaction was to say have you ever wondered why they don’t say FEETPRINTS?  because FEET is the accurate pluralization of FOOT, and there was more than one FOOT up on the moon.  and besides that, i don’t think after all this time there would even still BE feet prints, or foot prints, especially with little robot things that roll around up there, maybe sweeping up after everyone like the little robot on the Jetsons.

but i DIDN’T say any of this, and so deserve kudos or the “restrained-your-bitch-reflex” of the day award.

from somebody's tumblr and originally c. in the 70's or something

from somebody’s tumblr and originally c. in the 70’s or something, Hanna Barbara?