ok, so i feel like barfing my brains and guts out right now.

and yes, technically i AM sick, but that’s not the reason for my hysterical nervous system.

i’ve just emailed an agent, and i may have totally bombed the whole situation.  i’ve been wanting to approach this agent for, i don’t know, i think a year.  but i’ve been sitting on my ass about it, because my ass is so cute i didn’t know what else to do.  and also because i just, i don’t know, i have the normal fear of rejection that often comes with my personality type, which is writer/poet/overly dramatic/worryaholic.

so the smart thing i did was to fire off a stupid email to him.  in which  i failed to present anything of value, used a casual and inappropriate greeting and informal language, and also did stupid things like say i hope i’ve enticed him with my wit, or something equally moronic.

the good news is that he actually wrote me back!   the other good news is that having sent such a lame query, i could quickly let go of the nervousness of being rejected, since it would be almost unimaginable for someone to take me seriously with that email.

but then i responded BACK to him, and actually sent him a few things so he could get an idea of me, and maybe what i want to create.

and now i want to throw up.

i really want to work with THIS agent.  i don’t know why, i just have a feeling.  so if i screwed it up with my idiotic approach, i’m going to be … well really fucking mad at myself.  and thus, my intense desire to puke up my everything….


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