dear diary #2

Dear Diary:

today we are getting hammered at work.

not hammered as in DRUNK – which is what i’d rather be right now, and might possibly help me do my job better, or at least tolerate annoying people more easily.  just a constant barrage of people, questions, calls and activity.  we are all eating chocolate chip cookies and drinking Coke to get through.  if i could IV the  caffeine directly into my blood system i might be more friendly today.  till the caffeine kicks in people will just have to DEAL WITH IT!

tomorrow, i may just vote everyone within spitting range OFF THE ISLAND!!

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writer. artist. ponderer.

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  1. Someone needs to invent the caffein IV.

    • so very true. wish i knew some scientific types. or hey, you know how they have those “purifiying strips” you put on the bottom of your feet to cleanse you of impurities? what if they just made caffeine inserts you could attach to your feet in your shoes? then absorb it right through your pores and accupressure points. ahhhh…i feel revived already

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