MSNbc ~ appalled and angry


I don’t usually watch MSNbc, but tonight I caught part of a program that was interesting, and I didn’t realize I was on the channel.  Now I remember why I never watch it.

After the program I was watching, another show started to air.  And while I didn’t particularly like the sound quality, or the schmaltzy feel of the studio, this show was discussing a criminal situation that occurred in Syracuse NY, where an old man kept young women in a basement, locked up and forced to do as he told them for years.  Apparently, one at a time, this old man captured young girls and locked them up – CHAINED THEM – and, well he didn’t let them sit around and watch soap operas all day, if you understand what I’m saying.  One girl was chained in this basement crap place for a year, and stayed with the old man a total of THREE years.  Then he went off and got another girl once he let that one go.  Then another.

This television program explains the horrible situations these girls have gone through, and then the ‘reporter’ announces how he was finally captured.  The old man and a young girl were spotted in a karaoke bar, and I guess the girl was singing.  She escaped – which is an amazing and brave feat on her part – and called her sister to help her.

So, the ‘reporter’ says: “Quicker than you can say KARAOKE” the police grabbed him.     REALLY?  You’re talking about heinous sex crimes, kidnapping, rape, and violence, and you’re going to try to use a funny, catchy phrase?  Do you really think that is appropriate with this topic?  Are you making light of the horrendous, nightmarish events these girls have gone through?  Do you think it’s going to make it easier for people to listen to a gruesome story by talking like a Saturday cartoon character?

I’m disgusted at this reporter.  I’m appalled that the editor, producer, or fellow workers didn’t suggest a rephrase, or re-write that part for themselves.  Am I over-reacting?  Possibly.  Horrendous things have happened to me as well.  And I use humor and tricky phrases to deal with the discomfort of the situation also.  But this was just inappropriate.  If one of the girls had made the comment, then I wouldn’t react like this, ’cause it’s their story, their issue, their way to handle how they need  to.  But for a young, male reporter to flippantly throw that phrase in – like it was fun and funny, a quick little grab of a rapist, quicker than you can sing “Love Shack”…



this is only my opinion of course, but for future reference: writers, reporters, and such – please stop capitalizing on other’s misfortunes and tragedies.  at least PRETEND you are reporting news.

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  1. grrrrrrr…i’m so mad about this.
    but i truly do appreciate free speech. i hope the girls aren’t upset by this.

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