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i know not everyone in the world is happy and content.  lots of misery out there.  but i feel like – for ME – happiness is in your perspective.  in what you see.  i’m putting up some shots of my town that i find beautiful.  this may not be the most exciting city, or offer the most things to do.  but i’m fond of it, i’ve found some of its treasures, and i like to share my perception of things.  so here’s the first shot of many to come:

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  1. What does troppo mean or is it just a title to a restaurant/bar/company?

    • yes, Troppo is a sign outside of a restaraunt in the downtown area of Lansing, Michigan. i just liked the bulbs in the sign, which remind me of old school theatre signs from the 30’s or so. let’s make up a meaning for the word…what would you think it would be?
      i’m going to say it’s an Italian word for falling down a flight of stairs when you are wearing black stilletto heels.

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