accidental happiness ~ what the?

one day, while walking along peacefully under blue skies and the watchful eye of the sun, my sister pointed something out to me.  “here it is,” she smiled, warm and friendly.  she’d asked me the week before if i had ever seen a particular sign that is several blocks down the road.  she described this sign – a metal one, like at a parking lot that says “you can only park here 15 mins, then you get towed”, that kind of thing.  and no, i said, i hadn’t seen this sign.  maybe she should show me. 

because the way she described it … well, my interest was piqued.  so off we went – just a few days later – in search of the sign.  down the street, a right at the corner, and within a few blocks we finally came to the little treasure, and yeah, i can see why she favored it so.  and i did too.  what a great sign.  marketing and advertising people rarely make commercials or billboards with this much impact and direct communication.  so, here it is in all its glory … because, really, we had to share it:

i’ve done a little tweaking, so that i could enjoy this sign in multiple, rainbow colors…  see below

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  1. I need one of those signs for our front yard! For some reason people seem to think it’s ok to let their doggies poo on corner lots. It makes my wife furious. She even chased down an elderly woman and made her come back and pick it up! I’m going to install a spy camera to catch those who continue to defile our little piece of the American Dream.

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