spam central… OR gullible city

i don’t mean to be an idealist, but i can’t much help it. 

i romantacize life and hope for the best and anticipate grand things.  so when i see “you have 25 comments” on my blog, i’m all YIPPPEEEE!!   but then, upon further review, it seems in fact spammish.

i may have inadvertantly authorized some comments or posts on here that have come from spammish types.  darn. 

i guess it makes me feel happy that people might be reading my blog, so feel free to laugh at my innocence if you are actually a pyrmid schemer or trying to sell something or boosting ratings on your youtube video or something.

it’s all good in my book.   just come back and visit again…

About denelle

writer. artist. ponderer.

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  1. well, i read this post. i like it when people read mine too ^-^ good luck.

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