specialty item


i am not something to be tossed aside, or thrown away.

i am not a disposable article or a one serving container.

i am a specialty item.

i am rare and beautiful

and a treasure to behold.

i am not to everyone’s taste, and don’t sit well on everyone’s palette.

i am not for the average man, or the feint of heart.

i am a challenge and a mystery

and a world of trouble.

i am a lover

and a goddess

a vixen

and a nightmare.

i am the breath of life

and the storm of death.

i am eternal damnation

and the salvation you are seeking.

i am a bumpy ride and

a smooth sail.

you may not be ready for me…

are you?

About denelle

writer. artist. ponderer.

Posted on May 25, 2010, in poetry, thoughts and reflections and tagged , , , , , . Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. I’ll be around. Your blog is very interesting.

    Let’s just say that the world has left me a little rough around the edges, but I still have a heart.

  2. thanks, bone. you are quite sweet, which makes your fearsome avatar even more intriguing. you seem a complex and thoughtful person…hope to see you around on here…

  3. This is so beautiful and moving.

  4. “i am eternal damnation
    and the salvation you are seeking.”

    loving the contrast you present. a clearly defined poem (:

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