mental oasis

who invented this so-called “sanity”?

a mythical beast that eludes me.

an overachievement i cannot attain.

a certificate of accomplishment touted by the disillusioned.

what if the real world is

MY world?

faerie portals at the bases of giant oak trees.

hidden messages in floating clouds.

secret agendas that i can only know when i have

gone the distance and reached the rendezvous site

where a stranger in hoof and fur offers me guidance

wisdom and

a cup of hot coffee.

a turn of my head and a different world is revealed,

hiding until now in the

periphery of my limited sight.

can the sane do that?

can the sane find a ripple in the cosmos

and climb through the hole to

another dimension

and bring back ideas,


colorful imaginings that will fill

thousands of faerie tale books

and comics

and paint themselves into the rooms

of other


un-sane individuals?

sanity is a disappointment. a mirage.

my own twisted mind

is my best heavenly oasis.

About denelle

writer. artist. ponderer.

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