my dark beauty

today i feel so beautiful and peaceful. my masks are falling away, bit by bit. i am like a precious present wrapped in layers of tissue. and my faces and falseness, my walls and defenses, my fears and obstacles and pretenses all are slipping off me, and it’s just me left. and now i can be anything. i am pliable and moldable, and i can make myself as i wish. and i don’t really know who i am, but i’m excited to find out. ‘cause it’s my dark beauty that is my muse. it’s the dark child in me that makes me beautiful. and powerful. and a gifted, important, creative artist. it’s my dark side that has the story to tell, and the fire to tell it, and tell it well. so i love this dark child that is me – that i’ve hidden and denied. i love the body she is in and the way she will see the world. and she is powerful. and emotional. and magical. and dark.
and she is me.


About denelle

writer. artist. ponderer.

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