Surviving Survivor

So I just wrote up a post to Survivor, the CBS phenom reality show everyone should be familiar with or you’re living under a rock.


I’ve never written in before, on the website or bloggy bloggers or any of that. Because what does it matter what I think? 

Still, after watching last week’s episode of the show (shut up, we have to DVR things so we’re a little behind) I was incensed. Oh sure, I care who wins. I always end up picking my favorites, and then I scream at the television during the challenges, cheering my person on, as if that will help, because this WAS filmed probably five months ago. I yell my people’s names, and swear ugly, horrible, sailor swear words at the people that I don’t like. (you know who you are! I’m sure you can hear me through the television!) I freak out when my people lose, and jump up and pump my fists when they win. 

Do I really think any of this makes a difference? Well no, I just said, this was filmed ages ago. But in a LIVE competition, I have some wicked mad cheering skills (seriously, don’t bet against my team, you’re terribly likely to lose) so I guess I cheer out of habit. 

Anyway, the thing that bothered me about the show wasn’t who was sent home (Boston Rob – sorry man, I love you) or who did the masterminding of the send off (Russell – I love you too, you brilliant little troll) but the first two minutes of the episode. 

In the “previously, on Survivor” part of the show, Jeff Probst reads off a laundry list of naughties perpetrated by Russell in the undoing of Boston Rob. So what? I’m sorry, did you think I was watching “Who Wants to be the next Dinosaur Barney”? No. This is Survivor. I expect to see some scheming and cheating, lying and back stabbing. The things is, some of what Jeff accused Russell of doing, well I just don’t remember seeing him do. And when he makes the comparison between the two contestants, he builds one up to be the hero, and makes the other out to be the Antichrist. Really they both are playing on the Villains team, so what does that tell you? 

What I DON’T expect to see on Survivor is slanted and biased writing from the producers or editors, or blatant contestant favoritism from the host, Jeff Probst. Now is Jeff REALLY favoring Boston Rob over Russell? I don’t know. And I don’t care. 

I don’t care what the opinions are behind the issues, so much as I care about the issue itself. If you want to go around bad mouthing people, and accusing people of doing things they didn’t really do; If you want to go around saying that shady players and untrustworthy people should be the leaders of the world and have holidays named after them; If you want to skew the opinions of others and lead them down biased informational highways, molding them to your point of view and erasing their ability to think for themselves, well then do what the rest of us are doing…. 

Get your own [F-word + ing] BLOG. 

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