life, full of rain

i am blessed with many things.  humor.  devious ideas.  a quirky view of life.

patience is not one of the things i’ve been blessed with.

it’s not that i want everything and right now.  it’s not that i want to have what i want at any cost.  i’m really not like that.  i’m ok with going without.  i can survive on less than what i really need.  i’ve been doing it all my life, in many different ways. 

i just can’t stand the not knowing.  it boggles my mind that i can’t see my own future more clearly.  where is my true love coming from?  when will he get here?  will i finally date a man that likes pizza and sports as much as i do?  don’t get me wrong, i’m not REALLY trying to complain.  i have so many great things going on in my life.  in fact, it’s raining right now, which always puts me in a melancholic, thoughtful, writer kind of mood (thus the blog when i haven’t been blogging much on here).  still, the sound of the rain on my roof is fabulous and calming; but i’d rather be listening to it in someone’s arms.

to quote Edna St. Vincent Millay, love is not all.  it isn’t everything.  it isn’t all i think about and all i want out of life.  because life offers me so much more than just that.  life offers me lessons.  times to think and grow and discover.  life offers me unexpected challenges that draw me down new adventurous paths i may never have considered.  life tickles my brain with new information, sights and senses.  life shows me the deep, dark secrets of my own soul, which i must fully embrace to truly enjoy life in return.

yet still, i could use a little love.  a little snuggling.  a little someone special telling me i am special too.  and until that someone comes ’round, i guess i’ll just listen to the rain against my window with a good book, and a hopeful heart.

About denelle

writer. artist. ponderer.

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