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I’ve been thinking over some words of wisdom from a friend. Things like ‘don’t get upset’ or encouragements to not get tied up in my emotions. And while I appreciate the thoughts, and the hope that I will be well, I disagree with the overall ideas. I love my emotions. I’m not a very Zen person. I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that I must let go of my attachments to people, things, ideals that I love; or situations that anger me, or that I think should be altered toward a better outcome. Why do I need me to stop feeling in order to grow as a person? I don’t believe I do.
I won’t be beaten into submission by a God that is afraid of my emotional outbursts.
I won’t be tricked into complacency by a religious system that prefers numbness to the powerful and electric moments of raw feeling that occur in the NOW.
I can’t be forced to relinquish my passion, my drive, or my intense longings for love, beauty, or oneness with my fellow man.
And I don’t think I should have to give these things up.
I refuse to believe that spiritual enlightenment comes at the cost of my emotional self.
I fiercely believe that any God, Being or Universe that is worth being worshipped should be able to handle the divine, explosive, caustic, curious and intense soul that is me.

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  1. Reblogged this on accidental happiness and commented:

    was this really my very first blog? whew…

  2. Finding your blog was a piece of accidental happiness for me, today, in the truest sense of the word … I stumbled onto it through several random clicks and random postings when I some how landed on your piece entitled “Cream and Sugar; hold the fluff.” You hooked me. Love your writing style and have had a little glimmer of a smile sparkling out to the world from somewhere in the depths of my being ever since I started reading. I decided to go back to the beginning and see if the inner workings of your mind as displayed to the world through this blog match my own as much as I have a sneaking suspicion they do. I am just not as good at expressing myself as you are. I hope there is more accidental happiness in store.

    P.S. – I love the picture at the top of the page (The header, I think it is called.). Did you take that?

    • Wow. this note was a surprise, and has made my day. 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to write me. It’s funny, because I wasn’t even sure about posting that blog. I always have opinions and thoughts on everything, and I sometimes think “who the heck cares? who wants to read what my opinion on this book is, why would someone care what my opinions are”. And here it worked and connected with you. And that’s what so much of life is about…random connections. I hope we get a chance to chat more in depth… I love meeting soul mates and kindred spirits! 🙂 The picture actually came with the theme, which i think is “sambuca”. I might actually change the picture soon, but I loved it too. It has a definite feel to it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, you’ve made the start of mine really truly beautiful, so thank you.

  3. chrislipjournal

    Love your blog, Denelle (that’s you, right?). You have a nice style of writing that makes the reader want to keep on reading. Thanks!

    Rob Hanson at Chrislip Journal

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